Master's Research Scholarship


The Master's Research Scholarship (MRS) directs institutional funding to support recruitment, retention, and timely degree completion for excellent master’s students engaged in scholarship advancing the university's goals for research and creative activity. Scholarships will be awarded to continuing and entering master’s students through a competitive process. Following a preliminary review process at the college level, a faculty committee will advise the Graduate Dean in allocation of the funds. Awards will be distributed through the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, with funds deposited directly into students’ CashNet accounts. The award will be disbursed in two installments, split between the start of the fall and spring semesters. Students must maintain active matriculated status in their degree program in both semesters to remain eligible for awards.

Complementary Funding

A $10,000 scholarship is sufficient to cover full time tuition and campus mandatory fees for a California resident, but not to fully support a graduate student. The scholarship does not provide health or other benefits. Therefore the review criteria include consideration of additional support committed to the student for the academic year from department/college sources (academic student employment) or external funding sources (grants, contracts, fellowships, other scholarships). The intent of the MRS is to complement those sources, not replace them or stand alone as a student’s only piece of support.

Nomination Instructions

Nominations shall be submitted by the Graduate Advisor for the master’s program in which the nominee will be enrolled in academic year. Continuing students and those recruited to enter a program are eligible for awards.

Nominations require basic student information, and: (1) a brief statement of the nominee’s accomplishments and potential in research, scholarship, and creative activity in their chosen field, and (2) an inventory of the commitment for other external and institutional financial support allocated to the nominee for the academic year. Graduate Advisors are encouraged to solicit language for the statement and inventory of support from a colleague closely mentoring the nominee.

Nominations are open February 7, 2022 and will close March 25, 2022. Awards will be announced April 18, 2022.

The nomination form can be accessed here.   

Review Process

Criteria for review:

  • The nominee’s academic achievements to date
  • Evidence of research, scholarship, and creative activity accomplishments and potential in the nominee’s field
  • Quality of the commitment from other external and institutional financial sources of support allocated to the nominee

Deans are responsible for a preliminary review of nominations from their College. Following this round, no more than 20 finalist nominations from each College will be submitted to the Graduate Dean. A faculty advisory committee will advise the Graduate Dean in selecting among finalists for awards.