Graduate Student E-Forms

Electronic Forms (E-Forms) are available for students in master's, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs. Online forms make it easy for students to submit and reduce processing time. If you have any questions about any form, please contact your graduate advisor, or Graduate Studies at [email protected] or 619-594-5213.

The Registrar’s office maintains forms for Late Schedule Adjustment, and Retroactive Course Changes. See the “Other Petitions and Forms” table at the bottom of this page.

Graduate Studies maintains the following forms:

Form Name
Graduate Advisor Initiated
Student Initiated

Advancement to Candidacy

*Students: please review your degree evaluation. Not all programs allow students to submit this request.



Change of Status X X
Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (PAAR) X X
Petition to Repeat WU Graded Courses X X
Validation for Recency X X
Appeal for Time Limit Extension X X
Withdrawal or Dismissal from Program X X
Request to Change Concentration Objective (Fowler College of Business) X  
Request to Change Degree Objective (Clinical Psychology) X  
Request to Change Degree Objective (School Psychology) X  
Request to Change Master's Program   X
Request for Permission to Enter an Advanced Certificate Program X X
Report of Foreign Language Completion X X
Report of Final Exam or Thesis Defense X  
Notification of Completion of Advanced Certificate Program X X
Request for Letter of Completion   X
Petition for Late Graduation Application   X



Go here to submit your form(s) online. You will be redirected to SDSU's Intranet, where you can sign in using your student SDSU ID and password.

For assistance, please refer to the Student E-Forms User Guide.


If you are a graduate advisor and looking to initiate a form on behalf of a student, or view pending petitions, please log in here

More resources can be found on the Graduate Advisor page

Other Petitions and Forms

After the University Schedule Adjustment deadline, students are expected to complete all courses in which they are enrolled. However, for fully documented, serious and compelling reasons that were not known at the time of registration, the student may request a Late Schedule Adjustment by obtaining appropriate authorizations. The request can be submitted through the Registrar's Office website.

The student must provide a type-written statement describing the request, provide supporting documentation and verification that you have notified your course instructor of your request and obtained your grade-to-date in the course (e.g. a screenshot or PDF of your email conversation). The student will need to provide 1 petition for each course, unless withdrawing from the entire semester.

All Late Schedule Adjustment Petitions take 7-10 business days for review. Students will be contacted by email of the decision. Any petitions that are submitted with insufficient documentation or incomplete forms will delay processing beyond 10 business days.


If a student feels that serious and compelling circumstances that were not known at the time of registration and were clearly beyond their control prevented fulfillment of academic obligations, they may request to retroactively add or withdraw from a course(s) after the semester has ended by submitting a Graduate Petition for Retroactive Course Changes to Graduate Studies. This form is available at the Registrar's Office website.
The Graduate Petition for Retroactive Course Changes requires the approval of the instructors of the courses involved, and the approval of the graduate advisor. (Email correspondence must be attached to the form). Supporting documentation must accompany the Petition for Retroactive Course Changes.
If approved, the Registrar's Office requires the student to pay a processing fee to the Cashier's Office.
Note: Students should be aware that the University policy permits approval of this petition only if the student can demonstrate that serious and compelling circumstances clearly beyond their control prevented fulfillment of academic obligations. Supporting documentation is required.

Graduate Advisors: Fill out the Temporary Thesis Committee Approval form, and email to [email protected]. CC: the master's student on this email.

Thesis Committee Approval form

Students with committee members that are not tenured/tenure track faculty at SDSU will also need to complete the Petition for Lecturers, Adjuncts, and Outside Experts Without SDSU Affiliation to Serve on Thesis Committees. Please read the form in its entirety, as additional documentation may be required to accompany this petition.

Formatting guidelines can be found on the Dissertation & Thesis Review website.

Students who wish to enroll in Thesis 799A must first have an approved Thesis Committee Form on file with Graduate Studies. Once this form is processed and approved, students may request a schedule number and an add code from Graduate Studies in order to enroll in Thesis 799A. Review and processing time can take 7-10 business days once Graduate Studies receives all required documents and the student is eligible. Students are only eligible once they have been advanced to candidacy and their program of study reflects the Plan A option.

Students requiring additional time to finish their theses must enroll in 799B Thesis Extension, either through main campus or through SDSU Global Campus. Please refer to Part Four of the Graduate Bulletin for more information on thesis and thesis extension courses.

The display of a thesis, dissertation, or project may be embargoed for a period of up to one year upon written request of the student and consent of the dean of Graduate Studies. Please review the Embargo Policy for instructions on how to submit a request.

Matriculated students can submit an application for graduation through their my.SDSU account. Non-matriculated students will need to contact the Graduate Studies for a PDF application. A registration hold may prevent you from applying to graduate. For more information on registration holds, check your "Task" tile in my.SDSU or the Registrar's Office website on how to resolve it:

Graduate students who are not able to maintain a post-baccalaureate cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher are academically disqualified from the university. Academically disqualified students are not allowed to take classes at SDSU or participate in graduate programs for one semester. After that time, they may apply for readmission. However, if there are serious and compelling extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, the student may petition for immediate reinstatement. Immediate reinstatement after disqualification means the student would petition to be reinstated the semester immediately following the semester they were disqualified. The petition should be completed in conjunction with the graduate advisor. It must include a reasonable plan to raise the post-baccalaureate cumulative GPA within one semester upon reinstatement and to complete all degree requirements in a reasonable time frame. A letter of support from the graduate program advisor is also required.

Immediate Reinstatement After Disqualification Form

Students who have been academically disqualified for more than 1 semester or left the university on academic probation and want to continue with their program must complete the Petition for Readmission and Reinstatement After Disqualification. Before submitting this form, the student should first reapply to the university during the application filing period. (Visit the Graduate Admissions Office website for application deadlines). Once the application has been completed and submitted, the student must submit this petition to the Graduate Admissions Office for review. The application will not be released electronically to the program for review unless the Readmission petition is approved.

This petition must be completed in conjunction with the graduate advisor. The student and advisor must agree on coursework and grade plan that will avoid another disqualification. The minimum Program of Study GPA, Post-baccalaureate GPA, and all other degree requirements should be attainable in a reasonable time frame.

Petition for Readmission After Disqualification, or on Probation Form

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Montezuma Publishing and the SDSU University Library can delay public release of a thesis or dissertation if the author (i.e., student) requests such action, and the College of Graduate Studies approves. The purpose of this embargo is to protect the author's right to publish or otherwise exploit the new knowledge before making it available to others. 

Steps to Request Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Embargoes