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Here is the current list of programs and advisors and directors.

Graduate Studies is pleased to work with you to serve the graduate student body! Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, and timely services to graduate students, faculty, and the university community. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a training session. 

It is very important to activate your account as soon as possible. You can follow the 3-step process on page 2 of the handbook. This account is where you will approve graduate student petitions or how to submit petitions on behalf of a student.

Grad Advisor E-Forms User Guide

This is the degree evaluation tool. The evaluation will help you track student requirements toward graduation.

Grad Advisor Degree Evaluation User Guide

During the admission cycle, students will submit supplemental documents to this site. The admissions committee in your department will be able to review material required for admission by your program.

Interfolio Guide

This handbook provides a broad overview of Graduate Studies processes and procedures as related to graduate advisors.

Graduate Advisor Handbook

Here is the information shared with current graduate students about their Degree Completion Plan:

For all admission questions please contact the Graduate Admission office at

Here is the information shared with potential graduate students about program applications:

Here is information about the Council of Graduate Schools and the April 15 Resolution:


Here are the employment requirements for stateside Unit 11 UAW employees (TA, GA, ISA) and Research Fellows.

Starting Fall 2023, graduate students who have a Teaching Associate (TA) appointment(s) of 0.2 or greater (a single appointment or concurrent TA appointment in a given semester) will be provided an in-state part-time tuition waiver valued at $2,082 for the semester they are hired in this instructional capacity. Hiring colleges will be responsible for communicating TA appointment information to the College of Graduate Studies. The College of Graduate Studies will, in turn, submit TA waiver information to Student Account Services for processing.  

Your educational costs include:
1. Basic tuition (sometimes referred to as "California resident tuition” or “in-state tuition")
2. Nonresident tuition (for those who are not California residents)
3. Mandatory student fees
4. Professional program fees (in some graduate programs)
5. Other miscellaneous and optional fees.

Note that this waiver is not a general credit to the student’s bill. It cannot be used to pay mandatory fees or other costs on the bill. It is a $2,082 waiver that can only offset basic in-state tuition costs with some restrictions.

  1. If a State University Grant (SUG) is available, the SUG will be applied to basic in-state tuition.
    • If the SUG is $2,082 or higher, the TA part-time basic tuition waiver will not be applied per State of California guidelines.
    • If the SUG is less than $2,082, it will be canceled and replaced with the $2,082 TA part-time basic tuition waiver.
  2. If SDSU Research Foundation (SDSURF) funds have been allocated specifically for basic in-state tuition, these will be applied.
    • If the SDSURF funds offset all basic in-state tuition costs, the TA waiver cannot be applied.
    • If the SDSURF funds do not offset all basic in-state tuition costs, the TA waiver (maximum of $2,082) will be applied.
  3. If the TA part-time basic tuition waiver is applied to the student’s bill, it will be labeled “GRAD TA Waiver”.

Partner campus doctoral faculty can cover SDSU basic tuition, non-resident tuition, and/or mandatory fees. The form is initiated by the partner campus faculty and routed through the SDSU co-director, the SDSU College of Graduate Studies, the SDSU Student Account Services (SAS). SAS will invoice the partner campus accordingly.

SDSU JDP Partner Campus Billing Request Form

SDSU faculty can sponsor a graduate student’s SDSU basic tuition, non-resident tuition, and/or fees using SDSU Research Foundation (SDSURF) funds.

Fee Authorization Form

SDSU faculty can sponsor a graduate student’s health insurance with SDSURF funds. Please visit the GSHIP Authorization Request.

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