Degree Completion Plan

Requirements for each degree are printed in the Graduate Bulletin.  Students should contact their program's graduate advisor directly with questions about their degree requirements.  If an unusual adjustment to the degree requirement is warranted, it must be requested by the graduate advisor (not the student). For additional assistance with your degree audit report, please email: [email protected].

Incoming Master's students (Fall 2019 and later) in certain programs: The Degree Evaluation (also called the degree audit report) is a resource for students and advisors to track requirements for graduation. The report includes Program of Study, GPA and advancement to candidacy requirements. The Degree Evaluation is accessed by students via the ‘Graduate’ tab, where a ‘Degree Evaluation’ menu item is available. Programs in the table below have access to a Degree Evaluation.

Degree Evaluation Student User Guide

Current Master's students (admitted Spring 2019 or earlier) in certain programs: Meet with your graduate advisor to discuss your official Program of Study. The Program of Study (POS) is essentially a contract between the student, the
program, and the university. The POS is a list of the specific courses a student will take in order to satisfy the requirements for the degree (as printed in the Graduate Bulletin). It includes both required coursework and electives. The POS can only be submitted for students who have classified graduate standing. Students should consult their graduate advisor about their Program of Study, usually during the first semester. The advisor will later submit the POS to Graduate Studies electronically for review. If the POS meets all university requirements, it is given final approval by Graduate Studies and becomes binding.  Courses cannot be substituted out of the Program of Study after they are complete, regardless of the final grade.

Programs with Access to the Degree Audit System