Degree Completion Plan

FOR MASTER's Students

Major milestones: Here is a diagram that provides an overview of the major milestones in the life of a Master’s student.

Program of Study:  The Program of Study (POS) is a list of the specific courses a Master’s student is using to satisfy their requirements for the degree.  Degree requirements are officially documented in the corresponding Catalog chapter.  The requirements fall into several categories:

- Specific required courses.

- A set of courses that students may choose from.  This set may be called “electives” if it is very broad, or the program may give the set a field-specific name.

- A set of courses that students may choose from, with advisor approval.  If you see the phrase “advisor approval” associated with degree requirements, obtain approval prior to registering.

-  Additional requirements that apply to the entire program of study, regardless of whether the courses are required or electives.  For example, there are overall limits to how many Cr/NC units may be used in your degree, and limits to how many units can be numbered 500-599.

Newer Master's students:  The Degree Evaluation (also called the Degree Audit Report) is a resource for students and advisors to track requirements for graduation. The report includes your Program of Study:  how your completed courses match the degree requirements, and what degree requirements are still outstanding.  It also includes GPA calculations, and degree requirements that are not courses. The Degree Evaluation is accessed by students in WebPortal via the ‘Graduate’ tab, where a ‘Degree Evaluation’ menu item is available.

Graduate advisors transitioned from an old Program of Study submission system to the newer Degree Evaluations between 2013 and 2021.  The table at the bottom of this page shows whether you have Degree Evaluation access, based on “Cohort Year” (the year that you officially entered the program).

Degree Evaluation Student User Guide

Earlier Master's students:  If you began your program prior to the Cohort Year listed below, then your personal Program of Study (POS) must be submitted electronically by your Graduate Advisor.  After submission, you can view it in the ‘Program of Study’ menu item, within the WebPortal ‘Graduate’ tab.  If your POS hasn’t yet been submitted, contact your Graduate Advisor to determine the timing and process for your program.

Course exceptions and substitutions:  Your Graduate Advisor may request an exception or course substitution by submitting a petition form on your behalf.  If you wish, you can initiate the process by starting a PAAR form, which will get electronically routed to your advisor.

In most cases, Program of Study courses that are completed cannot be substituted out of the Program of Study, regardless of the final grade.  If you believe that you need to repeat a course, please meet with your Graduate Advisor to discuss options prior to course registration, or contact Graduate Studies.

Degree Evaluation availability, by program


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