Hepner Hall

Current Students

Please contact your department or graduate advisor if you have any questions regarding your academic program. If you have any questions about university requirements or policies, please contact Graduate Affairs at either gra@sdsu.edu or

Division of Graduate Affairs
Graduate & Research Affairs
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-8220
Campus: SSE 1410
Phone: (619) 594-5213
Fax: (619) 594-0189

Support Staff Directory


Courtney Ransom
Assistant to VP for Research
Resource Analyst
Email Address: courtney.ransom@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410 D
Work Phone: (619) 594-2978
Anders Larsson
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Email Address: anders.larsson@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410 Q
Work Phone: (619) 594-2309
Rita Baumann
Evaluator (A-H), Doctoral Program Coordinator
Email Address: rbaumann@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-1504
Jennifer Logan
Evaluator (I-O)
Email Address: jennifer.logan@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-6367
Cristina Sanchez
Evaluator (P-Z)
Email Address: sanchez@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-1356
Briana Dallo
Administrative Support Coordinator
Email Address: beiter@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-1506
Kellie Woodhouse
Communications Director 
Email Address: kmwoodhouse@sdsu.edu
Office Number:  SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-2904
Melanie Perot
Administrative Support Assistant
Email Address: mperot@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-7203
Matt Brown
Director of IT
Email Address: mdbrown@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-3140
Ian Moore
Analyst / Programmer
Email Address: imoore@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-4162
Stephanie Stocking
Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager
Email Address: sstocking@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-3104
Joshua Jones
Business Analyst
Email Address: jljones@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-1855
Derek Davila
IT Support Technician
Email Address: ddavila@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410
Work Phone: (619) 594-5215

Graduate and Research Affairs Deans

Stephen C. Welter
Vice President of Research and Graduate Dean
Email Address: swelter@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410 E
Work Phone: (619) 594-2978


Ed Balsdon
Associate Dean
Email Address: ebalsdon@sdsu.edu
Office Number: SSE 1410 C
Work Phone: (619) 594-2309
Andrew Bohonak
Assistant Dean
Email Address: AsstDeanGRA@sdsu.edu 
Office Number: SSE 1410 G  
Work Phone: (619) 594-0361