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Welcome to Graduate Affairs!

Graduate Affairs provides leadership and support to scholars engaged in over 100 master’s, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs at San Diego State. In collaboration with faculty, staff and students across the sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, arts, education and business, our team strives to ensure the integrity and high quality of graduate degrees, and facilitate their timely completion. 

Important Deadlines

Graduation Application & Thesis Deadlines - Spring 2019

Registration - Spring 2019

Summer 2019 Deadlines - coming soon


  • Spring 2019 classes start on January 23rd!
  • The deadline to apply for Spring/Summer 2019 graduation is February 5th.
  • CDIP and Sally Casanova Workshops are being held in January. Read about these funding opportunities online and sign up for a workshop.
  • Plan A students: Sign up to attend a Thesis Q&A session with Montezuma Publishing. Contact their office at 619-594-7551 for more details. Workshops will be held on February 12 (2pm), February 13 (2pm) and February 14 (10am) in ED-112.

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San Diego State University excels in innovation, research, and creative activities due in a large part to the success of our graduate students. For many graduate programs, these accomplishments culminate in a thesis or dissertation that is expected to be of the highest quality for the field. Because research expectations and requirements vary widely, students are generally expected to develop a research plan with their Graduate Advisor or Thesis Chair in their first semesters at SDSU.

Research at SDSU