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Graduate Affairs would like to provide you with the proper tools and resources as an acting graduate advisor.

If you are a new graduate advisor, please contact Graduate Affairs for the Appointment of Graduate Advisor form and a Graduate Advisor Handbook.

The fellowships are for eligible students and must be nominated by the student's home graduate advisor.

Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship

The Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship (PGRF)  is a new university-wide competitive fellowship program designed to recruit non-resident graduate students who demonstrate outstanding potential for achievement in research or creative activity. The Fellowship waives non-resident tuition for one academic year.
Access the PGRF nomination form here.
PGRF recipients shall be selected according to the following criteria:  
(1) non-resident or international student status
(2) nomination by graduate program
(3) merit as determined by quantitative measures including GPA and GRE
(4) additional evidence of merit, including awards, achievements, departmental recommendation
Programs wishing to nominate outstanding prospective non-resident students for the PGRF should submit nomination information, including student name, Red ID, GPA, GRE scores, and brief summary of qualifications, using the online form.
Nominations are due by January 31.  Fifty recipients will be selected by Graduate Affairs Deans according to criteria.  Awards announced February 7.  Graduate Affairs shall issue award notification in writing to recipient and his or her sponsoring program.
Fellowship recipients must maintain 3.0 GPA during the fellowship year to retain the award. The award is non-renewable and available only to first-year graduate students.

University Grants Program

The purposes of the UGP are to support scholarly research and creative activities, permit faculty to bring advanced projects to completion, and help faculty members develop a research program competitive for extramural funding.
The University Grants Program combines funds from several sources: the CSU Chancellor’s Office, SDSU Provost’s Office, SDSU Research Foundation and the Adams Humanities Endowment Fund. The Division of Research Affairs administers the program, and the award amount cannot exceed $10,000. Eligible faculty may submit one application per review cycle. Funds awarded are available for 18 months beginning in January 2018.
All Unit 3 faculty are eligible to apply for UGP funding. Please note that while both the college review committee and the University Grants and Lectureship Committee rate applications based on merit, final funding decisions may encompass other factors including the number of awards received by the applicant in recent years (applicants who have had 3 awards within the last 5 years are not eligible to apply).
To access the UGP timeline and application processes, visit Division of Research Affairs, UGP.
The applications will be submitted electronically by the applicant via the new software InfoReady to the Division of Research Affairs and will be forwarded to each of the respective colleges for review, ranking and rating. 
To create an account in the InfoReady system click the link below and use the Register button at the top right hand corner of the page. After receiving confirmation (via email) that your account has been created, log in to InfoReady and choose University Grants Program from the table, and then Apply on the right hand legend.
If you already have an InfoReady account, simply login with your username and password, choose University Grants Program from the table and Apply on the right hand legend.
InfoReady Application Submission
Application submission deadline was October 2, 2017.