Temporary Changes to Graduate Student Procedures and Forms

Graduate Affairs is modifying the normal workflows to continue documenting faculty approval, while minimizing unnecessary personal contact. Please see the Graduate Affairs Forms page for current policies.
Montezuma Publishing has changed its procedures to accommodate current campus policies.  Please see the Montezuma Publishing web pages for their "Electronic Signature Update" information.
Contact your program’s graduate advisor by email for questions about course substitutions, approval of electives, and other issues that they typically address.  For general questions about graduation requirements or special petitions, please email Graduate Affairs <[email protected]>.
Also, many university resources and policies are documented in the Orientation and Handbook for New Graduate Students.
SDSU will honor all contracts with Academic Student Employees. The nature of your work assignment has certainly changed with all instructional duties now being offered via virtual modalities, for example. Continue to consult with your supervisor for direction regarding duties and the appropriate mode for completing them. You may be reassigned duties and/or a supervisor to match the operational needs of the university; this will not lead to a change in compensation. However, promptly notify your supervisor if circumstances require you to resign the position or adjust your timebase.